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Erectyle Disfunction – Naturopathic Treatment?

by admin on Oct.28, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

Not that I have anything against Viagra. On the contrary, after my husband and I realized Viagra was our only way to keep it up, I learned to love the little blue magic pill. But, I know that for some people Viagra is not the only solution, and for others (for example, those of you who take nitris), Viagra may not be even an option.

So, for those of you who can’t take Viagra, and for those who want to try something else for some time, I will now write about a few natural alternatives for Viagra (or Cialis, or Levitra). There are naturopathic ways to treat Erectyle Disfunction, and most of them work on enhancing the blood flow. Please always consult your doctor if you have any special medical issue.

Erectyle Disfunction – The Naturopathic Way

Food first. Check your diet, make sure you have a balanced diet and that you eat enough and not too much from each kind of food. Try to avoid sugar, dairy products, highly processed foods, fried foods, junk foods, alcohol, and caffeine. Even if it’s really hard to do, it is better to try this for 10 days, and see if the situation is better.
Some food supplements that are known to help against ED, are:

  • Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), traditionally used to treat impotence
  • Damiana (Turnera diffusa), used to treat impotence and a variety of other sexual disorders; also acts as an aphrodisiac, a substance that increases sexual arousal
  • Epimedium, also known as Horny Goat’s Weed or Fairy Wings, is believed to be a natural aphrodisiac that acts chemically in a manner like that of the prescription drug sildenafil citrate (Viagara®)
  • Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), reputed to have the ability to increase the flow of blood through the arteries, the process by which an erection is produced
  • Muira puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides), recommended for increasing sexual desire and performance
  • Other supplements that may be helpful are vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc, inositol (tends to lower blood cholesterol levels), and bioflavonoids (compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties).

    Always try to make your body happy and exercise. Run on the beach, take a yoga class, go to the gym. Whatever you do,listen to your body. It tells you when it had enough.

    Good luck, and happy love.

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Pink Viagra – Is it Real?

by admin on Oct.14, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

Another company, this time a German one, stops the production of Pink Viagra (the nickname the Viagra for women got). Those products use Sildenafil (the stuff that made Viagra work) or equivalent materials, and try to improve female’s sexual life. But female sexuality, and female libido, is such a mystery yet, that no research could prove any of those medications actually worked. Lovegra is one of those products, and it sells well in the markets. But is is real? Dose Lovegra work?

The race for the Pink Viagra is coming to a critical crossroads. At the moment it seems like women don’t really react to Sildenafil, at least not physically. Women don’t react to medications like Cialis for example, that work on men like magic.

Could there be any cure for a woman’s low libido? And if not, could it be that women that their partners use Viagra or such drugs, will lose their husbands to the little blue pill?

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Viagra News: Tesco Risks Men’s Health, Viagra Fails.

by admin on Sep.28, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

This week has been full with interesting Viagra news.

Tesco Slammed Over Cheap Viagra By Top Liverpool Doctor

First I must say this doctor is a brave woman. First off, she wouldn’t mind being the one who delivers you the bad news. But perhaps as a doctor she’s used to this. But second, and most important; she’s not afraid to stand in front of such a huge corporation like Tesco. She says that the fact that Tesco sells Viagra is a risk to men’s health.
So why is Tesco risking men’s health?
Dr. Gallard says:

I am very concerned that if men start buying Viagra from supermarkets, we could see increased numbers of cases of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes going undetected.
There is also potential for abuse by customers, who could purchase from multiple stores without clear safeguarding measures.

And what’s the health risk? Well, read on, this is actually a very bothering piece of news regarding the little blue pill:

Erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of potential CVD and Diabetes problems, and by simply masking the problem with Viagra, they are just ignoring what could be a potentially fatal issue

This got me really worried. Since my husband is too busy lately, I called his doctor and made sure he didn’t miss his annual tests. I actually stressed the fact that he was using Viagra for the last couple of years, and then the doctor added some tests for him!
This is important! Check your body – blood and heart – if you are using Viagra. Don’t let the good vibes of the blue pill blind you. Viagra saves your sex life, but you only get to have sex life when you’re…alive. So take care of your body.

Viagra Won’t Work For You, Low Testosterone Men Warned

You had to think those two problems – low testosterone and erectile dysfunction – have something to do with each other. It appears that 1 out of 5 men with erectile dysfunction have low testosterone levels, which may be a sign for other diseases which better be treated and not ignored:

Low testosterone is linked to increased risk of mortality from diabetes and cardiovascular events so diagnosing it is very important in preventing those diseases.

Bottom line, check your testosterone levels. If it’s low, get from your doctor a testosterone replacement, which will defend your body from getting the really dangerous diabetes or cardiovascular events. Then, and only then, if it’s still won’t stand, get the Viagra.

Here’s an illustration of what testosterone is responsible for in your body:

That’s it for today, I hope your read those important news! Your body is all you’ve got, so take care!


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Latest Viagra News

by admin on Sep.19, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

So after watching the movie about Viagra, which is just using Viagra to prove that the man has no soul before he meets the woman that will change his life (an idea I’m against, I thing this drug is helping so many people, men and women, and like any drug it has its problems and side effects, but this is no reason to make the little blue pill into a joke) – so after watching that awful film I’ve decided that real news weren’t in the cinema. I also decided I should focus on more serious aspects of the drug that changed my life, not pure entertainment.

So, while Louis continues to pop the little blue in his mouth every other day just in time to greet me when I arrive home, I use my days to fully understand the drug we use. What is Viagra, or better – what it was, and what it is going to be. Because life is change, and 2012 is the year Pfizer loses ownership over the drug. Many changes are about to happen – price-wise, of course, but also distribution, for example, and many other changes that I will try to explain.

TESCO will Sell Cut-Price Viagra Without a Prescription From Next Week.

That was a very surprising headline, and I tried to fully understand what it means. I know that in some places on this planet this is no news (like in Thailand, for example, there you can buy Viagra in any pharmacy with no prescription) – but for Louis and for me those are big news. A thing like that may mean we will no longer buy Viagra or other impotence medications online – we will just add it to the shopping list, together with the carrots, bananas, and cucumbers.

The price for 8 pills will be 52 Pounds Sterling, and the men (age 40-65  only), will have to fill in a questionnaire. There will also be some tests – including checks on blood pressure and cholesterol levels – but that’s it. No doctor involved.

Tesco is cutting down Viagra prices here, since the service was offered until now in the Boots chain, only they charged the ridiculous amount of 55 Pounds sterling for 4 (FOUR!) Viagra pills.

Since we don’t live in the UK, this is not too relevant for us yet – but I’m sure this is a process that will start spreading quickly. In time the age group will change. In stead of taking tests the man will have a chip that states his health statistics. It will all be so different.

Placebo Pill Gives Boost to Some Women’s Sex Drive

Many reported improvements in the physical aspects of arousal, including better lubrication, more frequent orgasms or more easily attainable orgasms, according to the study.

Another headline which I had to read twice. What does it mean? Are women such psychological creators that our mind reacts first and only then the rest of our body?

And does it matter? Of course I would only take a drug if it is a must, and in this case I’d prefer a placebo than a pill of, let’s say, Lovegra. But maybe yoga and meditation are even a better choice? Or better sex education for men? Interesting, don’t you think?

Nick Clegg Given a Giant Viagra Pill

Apparently the climate-protesters thought it’s a good idea to deliver a huge Viagra pill made out of paper with the slogan: don’t be impotent written on it. They also used another slogan: GET HARD ON CLIMATE CHANGE. I liked it, but I’m not sure I like the use of Viagra again, as a joke.

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How to deal with all the Viagra spam?

by admin on Sep.02, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

And now to something completely different: Viagra spam. I use gmail, and almost all of it finds its way to my junk folder, which I never open. But, somehow, I also get those annoying (and illegal) emails, offering me to enlarge my penis, get the blue pill cheap and fast, or enlarge my boobs. I call them all ‘Viagra spam’ and it seems like the same guy has been writing them.

A few weeks ago I started to receive more Viagra spam than the usual. I probably signed up to a newsletter i never needed in the first place, and my email was sold or stolen, and was being used by the spamers. I tried to add the recipient to the spam folder, to block the address, etc – nothing helped.

The solution I was offered by some friend of mine, was to use filters on my email box, and to add the word ‘Viage’, ‘Penis’, etc to the words that will automatically send the mail to the junk. Unfortunately,  I often get mails regarding this blog – which name is The Viagra Chronicles, and so this option was not going to do it for me.

I then opened  a new gmail account, which I gave only to my friends an family. I don’t use this account to sign to newsletters etc. – and the old account I use to read my newsletters, messages about my blog, and also some Viagra spam.

Now, it ain’t so bad after all.

Hope this helped,


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Viagra – the movie?

by admin on Aug.16, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for. A movie about Viagra is out there, and the world will be watching. I’m not sure but I guess me and Louis will go together. Maybe we’ll even laugh. What’s so funny about Viagra, anyways? I don’t know but the Hollywood people probably thought of something. From the movie trailer it ain’t all that bad..I read a review for the movie and it sounds even worse. But still, it’s a comedy, it’s Viagra, I’ll give it a try!

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Viagra News

by admin on Aug.04, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

Viagra always finds its way to the news. The little blue pill is associated with sex and online newspapers get lots of clicks for mentioning it every once in a while. I mean, they even try to make Viagra related news when there is nothing new out there.

The latest headline regarding Viagra is that interview Hugh Hefner gave this week, in which he admits Viagra played a crucial role in his sex life. Really, is this news? Could a 84-year old man be having sex with 7 young women parallel without any drug involved? Probably not, and it’s not news. Him admitting it is maybe funny, in a way stressing his pathetic being – like does he really think we actually thought he was a super-man with a rock cock? No, darling, we all know you’re popping Viagra like candies to your toothless mouth.

But, there are some very interesting Viagra news lately, and this one is actually important news.  In short: Viagra for kids. No, not for impotence of course, for something much more crucial, I think:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will decide later this week whether or not to approve a version of Viagra for use in treating children afflicted with a rare lung disease. The active ingredient in Viagra, a chemical called sildenafil, works by blocking an enzyme that regulates blood flow which in turn might help children by controlling blood pressure.

Presumably Pfizer could have offered the drug to sick children years ago, but decided to wait until now to move forward with it. So was this a cynical quid pro quo? Childhood pulmonary arterial hypertension is certainly a real disease, and according to doctors the drug seems to be both effective and well-tolerated by patients. And it’s a sweet deal for Pfizer as well.

Of course the good news is for the children and their families, but also for Pfizer. This company is making sure her patent will continue to drown her with money, even after it expires 2012.

I’m always amazed by the power medication companies have on our private lives. The government, of course, is responsible for that, and they are the really corrupt ones.

Politics of health make me sick.


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The hardest Viagra side-effect

by admin on Jul.22, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

Louis got it bad the last couple of weeks. He keeps asking for sex. I mean, we’re not teenagers anymore (were we ever?), twice a day is too much for me. he wants more, I want less. I even told him the night before that he should stop taking Viagra, if he cannot handle the side effects.

‘What Side effects?’  he asked, still too horny to focus.

i wrote about this before, but never have I felt it so strong in me. i thing that little blue pill, that little devil blue pill, is getting in the way of our relationships. Louis is older than me, I should be the one with the higher libido. But somehow the take-the-pill-and-get-it-on atmosphere doesn’t work for me anymore.

i want to feel like our sex life is natural, not chemical. I want to live with a 40-something husband, not a horny teenager. I’m just too tired. And I’m also scared, I’m scared of discovering that in the last two years (or is it 3 by now?) our relationship became all about my man’s penis.

I’m frustrated, and scared, and I hate Viagra.



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Sex and Viagra

by admin on Jul.02, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

Just read a funny post in a blog. The writer thinks the whole idea of inventing female Viagra is only a side effect of having the Viagra pill around. Meaning: without that little blue pill, all the older men (above 40) wouldn’t try to get women so into sex constantly. Or at least they would try to make them really into it, and without the help of a pill.

I think she’s right, in that men can get slow sometimes and lazy. Men are many times forgetting how to please a woman, or saving that really-good-sex for special occasions only (and the rest of the time is only good for quickies). Yes, men are that bad many times. Self focuse or whatever you call it.

But I think women are also self focused when they decide to get the female Viagra for themselves. They cannot trust their men anymore, and they still want to feel passion after all those years. With some women it’s a physical thing, with other it’s psychological. Whatever it is, taking Lovegra is not instead sex but for it. You take Lovegra so you feel into it enough to tell your horny husband what he should do to you in bed. What makes you feel good, now that you are able to want it at all.

Keep it up girls.



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Women, their sexuality, and their doctors

by admin on Jun.27, 2010, under My Viagra Experience

I was in the middle of a hard shift a work, in the middle of the night, standing in the kitchen waiting for the last customers to leave the place and go back home (people can drink a glass of martini forever sometimes!). Then, very unexpectedly, my boss came in. It’s a very unusual scene, to see her at the restaurant after 22:00, and the amazing thing was – she wasn’t even drunk.

She came to the kitchen and talked shortly to our new chef, something about the flowers for the next day’s early shift. She couldn’t be too worried about those damn flowers, not at this time at night. She was bothered, and I was curios enough to ask her what was she doing there so late.

She started to laugh, weird way laughing, like crying-laughing. She wasn’t drunk. Then she said something about the flowers and went away.

An my way home in the taxi I found the morning’s paper and glimpsed through it. Then I found it.

Doctors said the Female Viagra (Lovegra) did not show yet enough results. Oh, really? I had a conversation with my boss some weeks ago, and she said the pill was a life saver for her. Could she feel stupid now reading the news? Did the pill work only on her imagination? Was she a victim of a scam?

I’m not sure how things work in the big world of medication and business, when doctors get money to support certain pills and when scientists have secret agendas. But I know that when a pill works for you, it just works.

I remember when they said Viagra doesn’t brings your libido up. Science-wise they are correct I guess, but us people, we also react to psychology. And psychology-wise, ED pills can make you more horny.

I won’t talk to my boss about this of course, but if any of my women readers got herself worried about that piece of news – relax. The Lovegra is here to stay, and male doctors won’t be able to change the fact that it is a remedy for some of us.

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